Childcare Worker

After School Coordinator, After School Counselor, Assistant Teacher, Attendant, Au Pair, Baby Attendant   More Names
Babysitter, Before and After School Daycare Worker, Boarding Mother, Bus Escort, Bus Matron, Caregiver, Child Attendant, Child Care Aide, Child Care Assistant, Child Care Attendant, Child Care Development Specialist, Child Care Provider, Child Care Sitter, Child Care Supervisor, Child Care Teacher, Child Care Worker, Child Caregiver, Child Daycare Worker, Child Life Specialist, Child Monitor, Child's Nurse, Childcare Aide, Childcare Attendant, Childcare Provider, Childcare Worker, Children's Aide, Children's Attendant, Children's Institution Attendant, Children's Lunchroom Supervisor, Classroom Monitor, Day Care Aide, Day Care Assistant, Day Care Attendant, Day Care Home Mother, Day Care Home Provider, Day Care Supervisor, Daycare Assistant, Daycare Provider, Daycare Teacher, Daycare Worker, Family Day Care Provider, Governess, Hall Monitor, Home Child Care Provider, Infant and Toddler Teacher, Infant Childcare Provider, Infant Room Teacher, Infant Teacher, Lunchroom Aide, Lunchroom Attendant, Lunchroom Monitor, Lunchroom Mother, Mother Helper, Mother's Helper, Nanny, Nursemaid, Nursery Attendant, Nursery Helper, Nursery School Attendant, Nursery Supervisor, Parent Aide, Playground Attendant, Playground Monitor, Playground Supervisor, Playroom Attendant, School Bus Aide, School Bus Attendant, School Bus Monitor, School Childcare Attendant, Sitter, Toddler Caregiver, Toddler Teacher
A Day In The Life

Job Title: Licensed Home Child Care Type of Company: I take care of babies through grammar school. Education: High School Previous Experience: I worked with disabled children and a number of child care providers. I also worked at a local school. Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part is all the hugs and kisses you get. But the worst part is that parents can be difficult to deal with. They can give you a hard time about money and about picking up a sick child and coming on time to get them at the end of the day. And sometimes people don't think of you as having a real job. And a lot of the time you're alone with just the kids and have no adults to talk to. Job Tips: 1. Spend some time helping out at a day care center first. Or try a babysitting job. That would be a good place to start. Additional Thoughts: You must really love children and like to spend time with them.

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Career Snapshot

Typical Education:

High School or GED (HS)
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Percent Job Growth:

6% - Slower than average
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Typical Wages:

Annual: $18,680 - $25,490

Hourly: $9 - $12