Receptionists and Information Clerks

Appointment Clerk, Appointment Scheduler, Appointment Setter, Automobile Club Information Clerk   More Names
Call Center Agent, Call Center Operator, Call Center Representative, Call Taker, Clerk Specialist, Clinic Receptionist, Community Liaison, Credit Reporting Clerk, Customer Care Representative (CCR), Dental Receptionist, Emergency Room Clerk, Front Desk Clerk, Front Desk Officer, Front Desk Receptionist, Greeter, Guard Entrance Registrar, Hospital Receptionist, Hospitality Aide, In-File Operator, Information Assistant, Information Specialist, Land Leasing Examiner, Land Leasing Information Clerk, Legal Receptionist, Medical Office Receptionist, Medical Receptionist, Medical Scheduler, Member Service Representative, Merchandising Assistant, Office Assistant, Outpatient Clerk, Park Aide, Patient Registration Representative, Pay Station Attendant, People Greeter, Policyholder Information Clerk, Quoter, Receptionist, Receptionist Telephone Operator, Referral and Information Aide, Referral Coordinator, Register Clerk, Registrar, Registration Clerk, Research Clerk, Schedule Announcer, Scheduler, Senior Receptionist, Space Scheduler, Telephone Answerer, Telephone Appointment Clerk, Telephone Clerk, Telephone Information Clerk, Telephone Operator Receptionist, Telephone Quotation Clerk, Tourist Information Assistant, Unit Assistant, Utility Clerk
A Day In The Life

Job Title: Receptionist/HR Assistant Type of Company: My company is an electrical testing, power systems engineering and maintenance, and construction business. We work in medium and high-voltage facilities such as power plants, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, etc. Education: Associates Degree in Fashion Marketing, Berkeley School Previous Experience: I worked in retail for over fifteen years before leaving to raise a family. I worked as a store manager, department manager, and buyer, mostly for men's or women's clothing departments. My current job is my first back since my children have grown. Job Tasks: Since I work for a small business (55 employees), I do many different job functions, and assist mostly everyone that I work with. My primary functions are to answer calls coming through the switchboard, determine the nature of the call, and forward the calls to the appropriate employee. Calls can be customer service in nature, so I need to determine if the caller is in need of the sales department, or the operations department for immediate or scheduled service. I also greet customers and vendors who come into our office. I am responsible for maintaining supplies for the front desk area (where I work), the conference room, and the waiting area. I assure it is clean, organized, and professional. Since my supervisor is the Human Resources Manager, she has assigned me to do all administrative work for safety training for our field employees. Our field staff works with live electricity, so they need constant training on maintaining their own safety as well as the safety of others on the job. Each employee must learn CPR, Basic First Aid, federal government rules and regulations, and how to work safely with electrical components to prevents shock, burns, and possible death. I organize training classes, assure the appropriate staff attends, and maintain records of their certifications and licensing. I also take care of setting up technical training classes for our field staff, so that they can grow and develop in their jobs, and become a valuable member of the staff. For example, Relay Technicians need constant updating on new technologies which can change the scope of their work. Some of this training may be out of state, so I also arrange travel and hotel reservations for the field staff, as well as management members who attend trade shows, conferences, and technical meetings. I assist the HR Manager with hiring/interviewing, drug screening scheduling for our employees, drafting company policies, and paperwork. Best and Worst Parts of the Job: The best part of my job is assisting other employees with mundane aspects of their job that could keep them from doing what they are best at. Electrical engineers need to focus on properly constructing electrical systems, not arranging travel to customers or copying of reports or drawings. I feel that I have contributed to the completion of all large projects and have helped our customers get their work done quicker and more effectively. The worst part is that since it is mundane work, it can get mundane for me as well. That's when I try to remember that, although it's mundane, it is important in the end. Job Tips: 1. Learn all that you can about computer software programs, such as Word and Excel. 2. Proper use of language, grammar, punctuation, and letter formatting is important to make the most professional appearance in communication. 3. Be a people person, be friendly, upbeat, helpful, and pay attention to detail. 4. Also, have a plan for each day of what you'd like to accomplish, but maintain your flexibility, as surprises come up every day. Additional Thoughts: The most surprising thing about my job is that it has helped me to grow in ways I couldn't imagine. I have become much more confident in my interaction with other people outside of work, and have become more assertive when dealing with confrontational people. I have developed a deeper sense of self-worth because I feel appreciated at my job.

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Typical Education:

High School or GED (HS)
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Percent Job Growth:

10% - Average
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Typical Wages:

Annual: $22,700 - $34,280

Hourly: $11 - $16