Receptionists and Information Clerks

Appointment Clerk, Appointment Scheduler, Appointment Setter, Automobile Club Information Clerk   More Names
Call Center Agent, Call Center Operator, Call Center Representative, Call Taker, Clerk Specialist, Clinic Receptionist, Community Liaison, Credit Reporting Clerk, Customer Care Representative (CCR), Dental Receptionist, Emergency Room Clerk, Front Desk Clerk, Front Desk Officer, Front Desk Receptionist, Greeter, Guard Entrance Registrar, Hospital Receptionist, Hospitality Aide, In-File Operator, Information Assistant, Information Specialist, Land Leasing Examiner, Land Leasing Information Clerk, Legal Receptionist, Medical Office Receptionist, Medical Receptionist, Medical Scheduler, Member Service Representative, Merchandising Assistant, Office Assistant, Outpatient Clerk, Park Aide, Patient Registration Representative, Pay Station Attendant, People Greeter, Policyholder Information Clerk, Quoter, Receptionist, Receptionist Telephone Operator, Referral and Information Aide, Referral Coordinator, Register Clerk, Registrar, Registration Clerk, Research Clerk, Schedule Announcer, Scheduler, Senior Receptionist, Space Scheduler, Telephone Answerer, Telephone Appointment Clerk, Telephone Clerk, Telephone Information Clerk, Telephone Operator Receptionist, Telephone Quotation Clerk, Tourist Information Assistant, Unit Assistant, Utility Clerk
Receptionists and information clerks greet visitors, answer telephones, answer questions from the public and offer information about the company. Receptionists and information clerks perform general administrative duties. They also monitor the access of a company's building to visitors. They're responsibilities vary by the type of establishment they work in.

Job Growth and Wages
Percent Job Growth:  
10% - Average
Typical Wages (National):  
Annual: $22,700 - $34,280    Hourly: $11 - $16
Physical/Medical/Health Requirements

Receptionists who greet customers and visitors usually work in areas that are highly visible, clean, well-lit, and relatively quiet. The work that some receptionists do may be tiring, repetitious, and stressful as they may spend all day answering continually ringing telephones and sometimes encounter difficult or irate callers.

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Similar Careers

Customer Service Representatives
Typical Education: High School or GED (HS)
Salary (National): $25,520 - $41,430

Medical Secretary
Typical Education: Some College (High School + 1-4 years, no degree)
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Career Snapshot

Typical Education:

High School or GED (HS)
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Percent Job Growth:

10% - Average
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Typical Wages:

Annual: $22,700 - $34,280

Hourly: $11 - $16