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Sales & Retail

The occupations are in retail, customer service and support positions. Education and training requirements generally begin with a minimum of a high school diploma and include some specialized training or orientation. Strong communications and interpersonal skills are sought by employers in this field.

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Careers in this category are organized by expertise levels

Many entry-level careers do not require a college degree, but may require varying levels of skills, abilities, and work experience.

Basic - Jobs in this category require no college courses and little or no formal work experience. Training is generally provided on the job.

Intermediate - These jobs do not require a college degree, but may require some demonstrated ability or experience in a related area. Some occupations may also require some post-secondary training that leads to an industry credential or certificate. Additional training is often provided on the job.

Advanced - Jobs in this group require either a significant amount of prior work experience and/or a college degree to enter.

For more information see the entry requirement on the details page for each career.


Office Locator/Agencies

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