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The VCN uses pop out link icon as its job source. Two of this project's partners--Direct Employers Association pop out link icon (DE) and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies pop out link icon (NASWA)--have come together to create the National Labor Exchange which powers pop out link icon. NASWA represents the 50 public state workforce agencies which operate the state job banks where local businesses can post jobs for free. DE is a non-profit association of over 600 national companies (including almost all of the Fortune 500) who have joined together to lower the cost of entry to the online job market. In addition to the jobs from its member companies, DE also "indexes" jobs (with permission) from the websites of nearly 2000 other national employers. The combination of all jobs in the state job banks and all of the DE jobs (from larger, national employers) makes the National Labor Exchange the largest collection of jobs on the Internet. Unlike most online job boards, the National Labor Exchange operates without intermediaries between the job seeker and the employer. When job seekers find and access jobs through the NLE, they are taken directly to the employer, either to an online application process or to instructions on how to apply for the job.

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