Plan your Job Search

Looking for a job? Your first impulse may be to grab the help-wanted section or surf the Web for job ads. But your job search will be more effective if you first take the time to create a plan.

Make a weekly or daily schedule of job search activities. This plan will help keep you track during your search. Develop your own schedule by committing to at least some of the following activities:

Get help with your job search

  • Find and contact your local One-Stop Career Center pop out link icon to talk to with a counselor and learn what specific resources might be available to help in your search.
  • Take assessments to identify your skills, interests, values, or other traits. Ask a counselor or search online for "free career assessments".
  • Prepare your resume.
  • Get in touch with your networking contacts.
  • Attend support groups and job clubs in your area.
  • Attend job search training sessions or related training.

Explore career options

  • Learn about careers, including required training and education and average salaries, at CareerOneStop pop out link icon.
  • Set up informational interviews.
  • Talk with someone every day about your job search.
  • Read professional journals and other career resources.
  • Research potential employers.

Search for jobs

  • Ask friends, neighbors, family members and anyone else if they know of job opportunities.
  • Attend job search fairs.
  • Learn Where to Find Jobs.