Find more Jobs Information

Here are some tools you can use in your online job search:

  • Web sites of organizations and businesses can help you learn more about them. A company's Web site is the first place you should go to research an employer. The quality and amount of information will vary widely. You may often find vision and mission statements, a history of the organization, names of key employers and supervisors, business plans, and job postings.
  • Employment sites are sometimes called "job boards". They are the most common way to find jobs on the Internet. Like search engines, you search by keywords to find jobs. Many let you search by location, field, industry, or job title. You can find a list of job boards in CareerOneStop's Career Resource Library pop out link icon.
  • Online periodicals are an easy way to access newspapers, magazines, and trade journals. Trade journals have articles by industry experts, information on networking events, industry blogs, and job banks. To find a trade journal, try typing "trade journal directory" into a search engine. Your public library can also help you access databases of trade journals and professional associations.
  • Association Web sites have information on trends, volunteer or professional development opportunities, best practices, industry news, and a job board. Almost every industry has an association. You may need to be a member access to their content. Most charge annual fees. Some may have six-month memberships to give you time to see how useful the site is for your job search. You can find a list of Social Assistance Organizations in CareerOneStop's Career Resource Library pop out link icon.