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Primary goal of VCN is to prepare you for your desired Career, which can be achieved in 3 main steps.

Choose a career
Choose a Career

Step 1. Choose a Career - Determine your target (desired) career

The VCN provides several tools for you to explore various careers. You can obtain detailed information on many different careers, and review the predicted earning potential (wages) for each one. VCN will also show you which careers match your interests and current education level. It will also show you how many more careers you can qualify for with more education. At the end of this step, you should have enough information to choose your Target Career.
Choose a career
Get Qualified

Step 2. Get Qualified - Obtain educational qualifications and other required credentials

There may be a difference between the qualifications your desired career requires and what you currently have. Career requirements are typically educational or physical. Some careers may also require you to take certification exams or obtain professional licenses. VCN will help you identify the most suitable educational institutions and training programs for your situation and assist you in seeking admission.
Choose a career
Find a Better Job

Step 3. Find a Job - Search and Apply for Jobs

After you are qualified and fulfilled all requirements for entry into your chosen career you will be ready to search for a job in the career. VCN will help you find a job by providing lists and descriptions of currently available jobs in your selected field. VCN taps into a nationwide job source that maintains information on jobs for many local companies and most of the large national employers. You can search for jobs in a specific zip code area or nationwide.

Additional Career Tools

The VCN also provides the following unique career tools to help you manage your career preparation and achieve your career goals:

1. MyVCN Account

VCN provides you a free online cloud based account to maintain all your career related information, starting from your general user profile to your prior career history, current target career and record of academic progress.

2. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

The Prior Learning Assessment is a great tool that provides a way to earn college credit for what you already know based on training or work experience you received in previous jobs! These credits can be applied towards the required education program for your new career, thus making your effort to get qualified shorter and less expensive. Credits can come from military training or from courses paid for by another employer or from tests you may have taken in the past.

3. Online Courses and other Resources

The VCN provides links to many free online courses that can be used as refresher or preparatory courses for many of the required educational programs. VCN also provides links to many other career information resources, including sources of financial aid, to assist you in selecting your target career, getting qualified or finding a job.