Earn College Credit for Prior Learning

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Have you already taken college courses? If you earned a minimum grade of "C", you may be able to transfer these courses to your chosen degree program.

Colleges require an official record, or transcript, from every college you have attended in order to transfer the courses that apply to your intended program. Find the colleges pop out link icon you have attended and learn how to order a transcript. Before you order and pay for an official transcript, which usually costs between $5 -$20, find out if you can obtain an unofficial transcript free of charge.

Give the academic advisor of your intended program as much information as you can about your prior college courses through unofficial transcripts. If you are unable to get unofficial transcripts or want to show all of the courses you have taken (from multiple schools) in one report, enter the information you remember about those courses below.

Add Course:

Go to Review Inventory tab to see your saved courses.

Hint: Remember that each college determines how your prior learning might apply to a specific degree program.

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