Earn College Credit for Prior Learning

Review Learning Inventory

Your learning inventory summarizes prior learning that might be applied to your intended degree program. Review and edit the list as necessary. You may delete a course here, but to add a missing course go to the appropriate tab. If you have a MyVCN Account your profile will automatically appear at the top of your Learning Inventory. (No account yet! you may Create MyVCN Account now).

After you choose a college and degree program, schedule a meeting with an advisor and print the summary of your Learning Inventory to share with him or her. The Learning Inventory will help you and your advisor develop a degree plan, showing how your prior learning meets specific requirements and what courses you have left to complete.

Following are the courses in your Learning Inventory

Note: This inventory provides an estimate of potential academic credit. Each college determines whether (and how) your prior learning will be applied to a specific degree program

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