Provider Portal FAQs

1. What does VCN stand for?

VCN stands for Virtual Career Network. The VCN is an "open source" workforce services and online learning delivery platform built and operated by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) under a grant from the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) of the United States Department of Labor (DOL). VCN users can learn about careers, locate education and training programs, build a robust career portfolio, and search for jobs.

The VCN was initially developed to help US workers transition into healthcare careers. The system has since been expanded to include a VCN website for Green Economy careers and is in the process of being extended to other industries. The latest addition is the BACK TO WORK 50+ VCN website, which is intended to assist workers of age 50 and above find suitable careers in high-growth /on-demand sectors such as Healthcare, Green Economy, Transit and other growing industries.

2. I represent a university (or a community college), how does the Provider Portal benefit my school?

The VCN contains information about your institution and about the instructional programs that it offers related to the industries associated with VCN. While we have taken care to obtain the best and most current information available, there may be times when the information we offer to our users may have become dated or may not include all of the information about a specific program that you would like prospective students to have. The Provider Portal provides listed educational institutions with a means to change or update the information in the VCN about their school and the programs they offer.

3. What kind of things can I do through the Provider Portal?

After a registration and validation process to ensure that you are an authorized representative of your institution, you will be given an account password that allows you to edit any of the information related to your institution or its programs. You can (1) modify existing information, such as program descriptions or website links, (2) add new information, such as testing or course prerequisites, (3) delete programs that are no longer valid, or (4) add new programs that have just come on line.

4. How do you ensure the integrity of your data about my school and its programs?

The VCN uses a two-part registration process. First, you provide key information to us about yourself and your school to establish an account. Second, we query the school to ensure that you are authorized by the school to edit the information we hold. Once your educational institution affirms that you are so authorized, we contact you and provide an ID and password that you can use to access and edit the information holdings we have about your school.

5. Why is it important that the information in the VCN be up-to-date and accurate?

Users are primarily adults making decisions about transitioning into high-growth / high-demand careers. The more information and the more accurate information that we have about your educational institution and its instructional programs, the more likely a VCN user is to apply for entry into one of the relevant instructional programs that you offer.

6. The VCN is an "open source" application, is there a plan to provide tools to registered external developers?

Yes, one of the key deliverables of the this project is the development of a VCN Open Source Registration and Distribution Portal for VCN code and the establishment of a VCN Open Source Development Community of registered external developers. The Open Source Portal serves as the central online repository for managing the distribution and archiving of VCN code and VCN derived code, and provides a focal point for technical communication and collaboration among interested parties.

7. Information on education programs is very dynamic, every semester colleges and universities change their course offerings. Will VCN be able to keep this information fresh as the educational institutions change their programs?

Yes. This is the primary function of the Provider Portal. Schools can manage - add, delete, update, modify - information in the VCN about their instructional programs.