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More and more people are getting their education through online courses. Click here to learn more about "Online Learning". Through the VCN Learning Exchange, you can improve your Reading and Math Skills. You can take refresher courses to improve the skills you will need when taking college level courses. You can also take more specialized courses that are related to the healthcare field.

VCN Learning Exchange

Take a free course through the VCN Learning Exchange. Doing so can help prepare you for the education or training program you have selected and earn you college credit.

Click on the above link to find a list of refresher courses offered through the VCN. These courses have been designed to cover basic foundation subject matter, such as English and Math.

Click on the above link to find a list of more specialized courses related to the healthcare field offered by the VCN. By completing any and all, students may be exempt from taking these courses as part of a community college or university program.

Healthcare Information Technology Courses

Click on the above link to find details of the program offered by VCN. You will also find information on how to take a test to get certification etc when applicable.

Click on the above link for a course that will help to prepare you for a Certified Associate in Healthcare Information and Management Systems certificate.

Free Online Courses

Need to brush up on your fundamentals, like language, science or math? Or, do you just want to learn more about a subject important to you? Take a free refresher or developmental course online from one of the following external providers:

High School Level Coursework (Non-Credit)
Lectures on Math Science, Finance and the Humanities (Non-Credit)
College Level Coursework and Lectures (Non-Credit)