Geothermal Production Manager

Decommissioning Well Site Manager, Geothermal Operations Engineer, Geothermal Operations Manager   More Names
Geothermal Plant Manager, Geothermal Production Manager, Maintenance Manager, Mitigation Supervisor, Operations Manager, Operations Supervisor, Plant Manager, Plant Operations Engineer, Plant Supervisor, Power Plant Operations Manager, Site Manager

Geothermal production managers manage operations at geothermal power generation facilities or where new geothermal systems have been installed. They make sure the work follows the plan, schedule, and budget. They inspect completed work and solve problems.

After a geothermal plant is completed and running, some staff are needed to operate and monitor the plant. They prevent or resolve any problems that would stop the plant from operating correctly.

Plant operators work in control rooms to monitor power generation and distribution at a geothermal plant. They monitor the geothermal plant's pipes, generators, and instruments that regulate voltage and electricity flows. Power plant operators communicate with electrical distribution centers on the regional power grid to match production with system load. They go on inspection rounds to confirm that everything in the plant is operating correctly and keep records of switching operations as well as loads on generators, lines, and transformers. Power plant operators use computers to report unusual incidents, malfunctioning equipment, or maintenance performed during their shifts.

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Job Growth and Wages
Percent Job Growth:  
-4% - Decline slowly or moderately
Typical Wages (National):  
Annual: $74,670 - $127,590    Hourly: $36 - $61
Physical/Medical/Health Requirements

Work both indoors and outdoors. Frequently wear protective or safety attire, such as hard hats or goggles. Are often exposed to loud sounds or distracting noise levels. Are sometimes exposed to hot or cold temperatures, depending on weather and location. Are sometimes exposed to contaminants.Sometimes must work in hazardous conditions or with hazardous equipment. Regularly travel to work sites in an enclosed vehicle, such as a truck or van.

Legal Requirements

Career Snapshot

Typical Education:

Some College (High School + 1-4 years, no degree)
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Percent Job Growth:

-4% - Decline slowly or moderately
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Typical Wages:

Annual: $74,670 - $127,590

Hourly: $36 - $61