Electrical Engineering Technician

Electrical Engineering Technician, Electrical Equipment Technician, Electrical Technician   More Names
Electrification Adviser, Electronics Technician, Engineer, Engineering Assistant, Engineering Technician, Equipment Specialist, Failure Analysis Technician, Generation Technician, Instrument and Controls Technician (I & C Technician), Light Technician, Lighting Adviser, Lighting Specialist, Programmable Logic Controller Programmer (PLC Programmer), Programmable Logic Controller Technician (PLC Technician), Relay Tester, Research Electrician, Results Technician, Solar Lab Technician, Test Specialist, Test Technician

Test or modify developmental or operational electrical machinery or electrical control equipment and circuitry in industrial or commercial plants or laboratories. Usually work under direction of engineers or technologists. 

With regard to cleaner technology and equipment, technicians will likely need to be able to perform the following tasks: assemble or test solar photovoltaic products, such as inverters or energy management systems; assess electrical components for consumer electronics applications, such as fuel cells for consumer electronic devices, power saving devices for computers or televisions, or energy efficient power chargers; build or test electrical components of electric-drive vehicles or prototype vehicles; create or modify electrical components to be used in renewable energy generation; participate in the development or testing of electrical aspects of new green technologies, such as lighting, optical data storage devices, or energy efficient televisions.

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Job Growth and Wages
Percent Job Growth:  
-2% - Decline slowly or moderately
Typical Wages (National):  
Annual: $47,810 - $75,480    Hourly: $23 - $36
Physical/Medical/Health Requirements

Electronic engineering technicians in particular must be able to use hand tools and soldering irons on small circuitry and electronic parts to create detailed electronic components by hand.

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Career Snapshot

Typical Education:

Certificate (High School + 0-4 years, Certificate awarded)
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Percent Job Growth:

-2% - Decline slowly or moderately
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Typical Wages:

Annual: $47,810 - $75,480

Hourly: $23 - $36