Electrical Engineering Technologist

Design Tech, Distribution Engineering Technologist, Electrical Design Technologist   More Names
Electrical Engineering Technologist, Electrical Tech/Project Manager, Engineering Assistant, Engineering Tech, Engineering Technologist, Generation Engineering Technologist, Generation Technologist, Layout Designer, Prototyper, Senior Analysis Specialist, Senior Engineering Tech, Senior Process Control Tech, Technologist, Technologist Electronic Design or Technical Director, Technologist, Development

Assist electrical engineers in such activities as process control, electrical power distribution, or instrumentation design. May prepare layouts of electrical transmission or distribution systems, supervise the flow of work, estimate project costs, or participate in research studies. As electrical and energy systems become more advanced, effiicent, and harmonious with renewable energy sources, technologists will need to be able to perform the following duties:

Assemble or test solar photovoltaic products, such as inverters or energy management systems.

Build or test electrical components of electric-drive vehicles or prototype vehicles.

Conduct statistical studies to analyze or compare production costs for sustainable or nonsustainable designs.

Construct and evaluate electrical components for consumer electronics applications such as fuel cells for consumer electronic devices, power saving devices for computers or televisions, and energy efficient power chargers.

Create or modify electrical components to be used in renewable energy generation.

Evaluate electrical engineering plans to determine whether they comply with applicable environmental standards.

Participate in the development or testing of electrical aspects of new green technologies, such as lighting, optical data storage devices, or energy efficient televisions.

Test sustainable materials for their applicability to electrical engineering systems or system designs.

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Job Growth and Wages
Percent Job Growth:  
-0% - Little or no change
Typical Wages (National):  
Annual: $46,990 - $78,570    Hourly: $23 - $38
Physical/Medical/Health Requirements

May be exposed to hazards from equipment or toxic materials, but incidents are rare if proper procedures are followed

Legal Requirements

Career Snapshot

Typical Education:

Bachelor's Degree (High School + 4 or more Years)
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Percent Job Growth:

-0% - Little or no change
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Typical Wages:

Annual: $46,990 - $78,570

Hourly: $23 - $38