Biomass Plant Technician

A Auxiliary, Apprentice Plant Attendant, Assistant Boiler Operator, Auxiliary Engineer   More Names
Auxiliary Operator, Auxiliary Plant Operator, B-Operator, B-Operator (Recovery and Combination Boiler Operator), Biomass Boiler Operator, Biomass Facilitator, Biomass Plant Technician, Biomass Technician, Boiler Assistant Operator, Boiler Operator, Boiler Plant Operator, Boiler/Chiller Operator, Centrifugal Chiller Technician, Chiller Technician, Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler/Steam Turbine Operator or Plant Technician/Operator, Cogeneration Operator, Cogeneration Operator (Supervisor), Control Operator, Control Room Operator, Crew Leader/Control Room Operator, Equipment Operat0r, Equipment Operator, Floating Operator, Fuel Handler, Fuel Management Handler, Fuel Operator, Fuel Quality Tech, Fuel Technician, Fuel Yard Operator, Head Operator, Instrumentation and Controls Technician, Journeyman Operator Assistant, Journeyman Power Plant Operator, Journeyman Powerhouse Operator, Operations Plant Attendant, Operations Tech, Plant Attendant, Plant Attendant or Assistant Operator, Plant Operator, Plant Operator Control Room Operator, Plant Operator/Shift Supervisor, Plant Technician, Plant Technician/Control Room Operator, Power and Recovery Boiler Control Room Operator, Power and Recovery Control Room Operator, Power House-Control Room Operator, Power Plant Operator, Senior Boiler Operator, Senior Operator, Thermochemical Biomass Conversion Technician, Woodyard Operator

As our need for alternative energy sources grows, so do the opportunities for careers working with biomass. Biomass can come from plant and vegetable matter, as well as agricultural waste, and through a variety of processes can be converted in alternative fuel sources, called biofuels. Biomass plant technicians measure and monitor the production of these important alternative energy sources.

Biomass plant technicians control and adjust the production of biofuels and are responsible for performing routine maintenance to the electrical and mechanical equipment used in their production. They calculate and load biomass feedback for power generation, and often report on the quality of the feedstock, making reports on the daily data like meter readings.

Technicians operate equipment to heat biomass and are responsible for the start, stop, and regulation of all equipment. Because power plants are under such strict regulation, the technicians must ensure compliance with safety regulations by inspecting the plant and its equipment, reporting any damage or mechanical problems. - See more.

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Job Growth and Wages
Percent Job Growth:  
-3% - Decline slowly or moderately
Typical Wages (National):  
Annual: $41,740 - $66,290    Hourly: $20 - $32
Physical/Medical/Health Requirements

Technicians work in a variety of settings including offices, laboratories, and in processing plants. Technicians who work in processing plants may face unpleasant working conditions, such as noise from processing machinery.

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Typical Education:

High School or GED (HS)
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Percent Job Growth:

-3% - Decline slowly or moderately
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Typical Wages:

Annual: $41,740 - $66,290

Hourly: $20 - $32