Technical Operations Trainer

Apprenticeship and Training Representative, Cyber Instructor, Development Associate   More Names
Development Coordinator, Development Specialist, Job Training Specialist, Safety Specialist, Senior Instructor, Supervisory Training Specialist, Technical Trainer, Training Coordinator, Training Specialist, Workforce Development Assistant

Technical operations trainers train new operations, maintenance, and other workers on proper techniques for their job area. They acquaint workers in various departments with both internal agency policies and external regulations, and evaluate workers' skills for job promotions and state or federal certifications. Trainers conduct refresher-training courses in order to increase worker proficiency, administer appropriate tests, and ensure training records are maintained.

Technical operations trainers must have a very good understanding of operations, policies, and procedures relevant to the specific training area they are working in, as well as excellent oral and written communication, organizational, planning, record-keeping, and training skills.

Technical operations trainers generally work indoors, in environmentally controlled facilities. They have significant contact with others, including work on work groups and in teams, and coordinating or leading others, and they must be comfortable speaking in front of groups. They also should be skilled with face-to-face discussions and telephone conversations, as well as writing electronic mail, letters, and memos. Their work tends to be structured, and must meet external time lines.

Technical operations trainers need a considerable amount of work-related skill, knowledge, or experience gained through on-the-job training or vocational training. Employers prefer trainers to have seven to ten years of experience in the department where the training takes place. They also look for incenses and certifications relevant to the job group for which training is conducted.

Many industry employers provide on-the-job training, but click on the "get qualified" tab above to see additional resources for job preparation and training.

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Job Growth and Wages
Percent Job Growth:  
8% - Average
Typical Wages (National):  
Annual: $42,950 - $79,280    Hourly: $21 - $38

Note:  There may be opportunities for overtime work and overtime pay in this occupation.

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Typical Education:

Bachelor's Degree (High School + 4 or more Years)
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Percent Job Growth:

8% - Average
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Typical Wages:

Annual: $42,950 - $79,280

Hourly: $21 - $38