Fare Enforcement Monitor

Cashier Host, Cashier Hostess, Collector, Customer Service Associate, Fare Collector   More Names
Fare Enforcement Officer, Grocery Checking Clerk, Grocery Sales Clerk, Point of Sale Associate, Store Cashier, Unload Associate, Visitor Service Associate

Fare enforcement monitors inspect customer fares on transit systems to ensure customers are riding with valid passes. Monitors take enforcement action when appropriate, and deal with customers that may become rude, uncooperative, or defensive. Fare enforcement monitors may inspect fares for validity and authenticity (such as correct time/date), and ensure that individuals using reduced fare passes (e.g. seniors, high school students, disabled, or Medicare cardholders) are doing so legitimately. Monitors issue citations or warnings to customers on board without the proper fare, and report disruptive behavior on the system. Monitors have the power to order a passenger to disembark and may revoke a passenger's right to use the transit system in the future. Monitors also may help customers purchase tickets.

Fare enforcement monitors are typically part of a transit police force, and may report to an inspector or sergeant. Monitors may require computer proficiency, written and oral communication skills, analytic skills, and the ability to deal with the public and exercise good judgment. Fare enforcement monitors will be on their feet for long periods of time, moving between different vehicles.

Fare enforcement monitors must have a high school diploma or pass the general educational development (GED) exam, and may need a valid driver's license. Employers may desire candidates with customer service, criminal justice, or related experience, and those who have worked with customers that may become rude, uncooperative, or defensive. Many industry employers provide on-the-job training, but click on the "get qualified" tab above to see additional resources for job preparation and training, as well as available educational programs in your area.

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Job Growth and Wages
Percent Job Growth:  
2% - Little or no change
Typical Wages (National):  
Annual: $18,450 - $23,570    Hourly: $9 - $11

Note:  There may be opportunities for overtime work and overtime pay in this occupation.

Physical/Medical/Health Requirements

- Ability to be physically active for prolonged periods of time
- Ability to stand and walk on all types of surfaces, including uneven surfaces
- Ability to climb up and down stairs
- Ability to effectively use and lift issued equipment
- Ability to expose hands to vibration
- Ability to continuously carry/ wear issued equipment.
- Ability to work continuously outdoors in all kinds of weather
- Ability to ride on a bus or train for prolonged periods of time while remaining alert
- Ability to understand verbal communication over a two-way radio with background noise

Legal Requirements

Career Snapshot

Typical Education:

High School or GED (HS)
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Percent Job Growth:

2% - Little or no change
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Typical Wages:

Annual: $18,450 - $23,570

Hourly: $9 - $11