Travel Training Specialist

Assessment Specialist, Attendant, Bath Aide, Fare Enforcement Officer, Ground Transportation Monitor   More Names
Monitor, Paratransit Specialist, Return Agent

Travel training specialists ensure that riders qualify for paratransit operations services, assess their ability to use public transportation services, and develop transportation plans for qualified paratransit users. These specialists also may provide training to paratransit users so that they know how to use the public transportation system safely. Travel training specialists must have an understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations and policies related to paratransit services.

Travel training specialists work in an office environment during regular business hours, and typically report to an operations manager. Travel training specialists should possess good customer service, problem-solving, training, and passenger safety skills, and be empathetic to the special needs of people with disabilities.

Travel training specialists must have a high school diploma or pass the general educational development (GED) exam, and possess a valid driver's license. Many industry employers provide on-the-job training, but click on the "get qualified" tab above to see additional resources for job preparation and training.

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Job Growth and Wages
Percent Job Growth:  
6% - Slower than average
Typical Wages (National):  
Annual: $20,200 - $36,870    Hourly: $10 - $18

Note:  There may be opportunities for overtime work and overtime pay in this occupation.

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Typical Education:

High School or GED (HS)
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Percent Job Growth:

6% - Slower than average
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Typical Wages:

Annual: $20,200 - $36,870

Hourly: $10 - $18