Stock Laborer

Clerk, Driver Helper, General Laborer, Inventory Helper, Load Puller, Lot Associate, Lumber Straightened   More Names
Merchandise Pickup/Receiving Associate, Parts Clerk, Warehouse Assistant, Warehouse Clerk, Warehouse Lead

Stock laborers ensure that parts and tools are accounted for in their department, stocked, and ready to use. They assist parts clerks with stocking, inventory, and maintaining equipment logs. Parts clerks use computers to track parts and supply inventories. They provide vehicle repair workers and others with tools and supplies, and unpack and organize deliveries. They may drive a vehicle or forklift.

Stock laborers typically report to supervisors or managers, and work in stockrooms, warehouses, or storage yards. Stock laborers should be detail oriented and be able to use electronic inventory equipment. They should be able to identify discrepancies and errors in counting inventory, and be able to store and organize things in an easily accessible and safe manner. In addition, they should be good at problem solving and record keeping, and be organized and have good communication skills.

Employers require a high school diploma or a general educational development (GED) certificate; a valid driver's license, preferably with a forklift certification; and a Class B commercial driver's license (CDL) with an H Endorsement for hazardous materials. Some prior experience with vehicle maintenance is preferred. One to two years of parts experience is required to advance from stock laborer to parts clerk.

To qualify for a CDL, applicants must pass a knowledge test on rules and regulations and then demonstrate in a skills test that they can perform the job safely. The Department of Transportation keeps a national database of all driving violations incurred by CDL holders, and a state may not issue a license to a person who has already had a license suspended or revoked in another state. Drivers may hold only one license at a time, and must surrender all other driver's licenses upon receiving their new CDLs. Information on how to apply for a CDL and each type of CDL endorsement can be obtained from state motor vehicle administrations and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

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Job Growth and Wages
Percent Job Growth:  
5% - Slower than average
Typical Wages (National):  
Annual: $21,400 - $33,530    Hourly: $10 - $16

Note:  There may be opportunities for overtime work and overtime pay in this occupation.

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Typical Education:

High School or GED (HS)
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Percent Job Growth:

5% - Slower than average
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Typical Wages:

Annual: $21,400 - $33,530

Hourly: $10 - $16