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VCN lets you explore close to 60 different Transit Careers. The right choice depends on your interests and preferences. Many excellent front-line jobs in the transit industry require only a High School diploma or GED to apply. Moreover, they provide on the job training to make you better qualified. However, Work readiness training may be helpful for improving your success in finding a job. Remember - in Transit there is something for everyone!

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Vehicle Operations

Vehicle operations workers include the people that operate buses, trains, ferries, and other vehicles, as well as the people who ensure that these vehicles run safely and in accordance with published schedules, and include related technical trainers and security and police. Nearly 6 out of 10 jobs in the nation's large, urban, public transit agencies work in vehicle operations. Many more of these jobs can be found at smaller agencies and at other types of public transportation employers.

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Careers in this category are organized by expertise levels

Many entry-level careers in the Transit industry do not require a college degree, but may require varying levels of skills, abilities, and work experience.

Basic - Jobs in this category require no college courses and little or no formal work experience. Training is generally provided on the job.

Intermediate - These jobs do not require a college degree, but may require some demonstrated ability or experience in a related area. Some occupations may also require some post-secondary training that leads to an industry credential or certificate. Additional training is often provided on the job.

Advanced - Jobs in this group require either a significant amount of prior work experience and/or a college degree to enter.

For more information see the entry requirement on the details page for each career.


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If you are interested in receiving additional help or career counseling, find contact information on the nearest participating American Job Center or Community College by visiting the Office Locator.